Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Empowering Students to become
to outstanding and effective business leaders

The Department of Business Administration aims to empower students to learn and practice modern business and management concepts, principles, tools, techniques, models and methods, as well as help them become outstanding and effective business leaders.

ULAB’s business students will hopefully not be defined only by the particular management functional area they choose as their concentration. Our aim is to strike a balance between liberal arts and business courses, realizing the relevance of each. They shall gain the highest skills in the field of business, while at the same time attaining an appreciation of the fundamentals of the broader social environment within which all business decisions are made.

In the BBA Program each student must take a total of 44 academic courses. To major in Business Administration, a student will be required to pass 29 courses in the field, including a full term internship or project work in the final term. Out of the 29 courses, 22 courses will be Core Requirements, 6 will be Major Electives, and 1 will be an internship project. As with other programs at ULAB, students will be required to take GED courses in other departments. Students will have the option of choosing a Minor (see details below).


Objectives of the BBA Program

  • To provide a strong foundation in the arts and sciences through which students gain an appreciation and understanding of the humanities, behavioral sciences, social sciences, fine arts and natural sciences.
  • To offer the fundamental concepts and theory of business practice and specialized study in business discipline.
  • To develop effective oral and written communication skills.
  • To instigate the ability to think critically, analyze problems quantitatively, and use computer technology to solve business problems.
  • To grow an awareness and comprehending of the global context in which business operates.
  • To advance understanding of the ethical and social issues that is a concern to the business community.
  • To prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of the community at large.


BBA Program learning outcomes

  • (PLO 1): Students will learn to communicate professionally and effectively
  • (PLO 2): Students will develop effective teamwork and leadership skills.
  • (PLO 3): Students will develop critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • (PLO 4): Students will develop functional business knowledge.
  • (PLO 5): Students will acquire global awareness and appreciation for diverse perspectives.
  • (PLO 6): Students will understand and be able to use computer-based information systems and infrastructures.
  • (PLO 7): Students will learn to recognize and analyze ethical problems, choose, and defend resolutions for practical situations that occur.

Graduation Requirements

Total Courses Required Courses Credits
Major Core Courses 22 66
Concentration Courses 6 18
GED Courses 10 30
Project/Internship 1 6
Optional/Minor 5 15
Total 44 135

Bachelor of Business Administration Faculty

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.